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Cognition and Emotion

Cognition and Emotion - valence Long-Term Memory divided...

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Cognition and Emotion Environmental Enrichment and learning transfer Object-oriented learning, tool-making and planning, tripling of brain size Early homo species -3mya-made flake tools and 1000cc Learning by Instruction chimp vs. child i.e. (learning to dance and scaffolding) Mental rotation task and different parts of brain Localization-brain has different streams of action, thought, and emotion—active circuits but change in balance of activity- functions are circuits not centers Triune Brain-reptilian, paleomammalian, and neomammalian Reptilian-Four F’s and survival Paleomammalian Brain-Emotion, attachment, and learning also Four F’s with emotion, memory, and
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Unformatted text preview: valence Long-Term Memory divided into Explicit and Implicit Implicit-Skills and habits (striatum); Emotional associations (amygdala); Conditional reflexes (cerebellum) Explicit-Knowing facts (semantic)/Episodic-remembering events Hippocampus Phineus Gage example-orbitofrontal Limbic loop-trapezoid; body-down then up; orbital frontal examples Mind is embodied sorry Descartes Association cortex expands, brain is not only larger but also different, original components still maintained....
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