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Notes from Slides

Notes from Slides - Exon 6-729bp/Exon 7= 718bp KpnI for...

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Notes from Slides DNA loaded into wells at – ends and move towards positive ends with larger fragments at the top and smaller at bottom (corresponds to repeat number) run at 14-150V for 50-60 minutes Looking at Blood Type-
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Unformatted text preview: Exon 6-729bp/Exon 7= 718bp KpnI for Exon 6 – A, B, and O2 have 2 RFLPs O1-3 RFLPs Exon 7-718bp; O1 and A have 2 O2 has 3 and B has 2 O2-3, B-2 Or means adding, and means multiply...
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