Sex and Gender

Sex and Gender - (transient and long term) Anatomical Sex...

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Sex and Gender 4-6 (environmental and developmental) Sex-genes, anatomy, and hormones Gender-mind, behavior, and culture Sex-genes, anatomy, hormonal, and chromosomal ***each dimension can vary independently so stereotypes useless XY Female AI-testicular feminization, defective androgen receptor, some testicular tissue, female body type but infertile since circulating androgen receptors not bound or used XY without male genitalia (cloacal exstrophy) assigned female mostly—most raised as female but were like eff that male; 2 raised as male Androgen life-cycle…higher in male over time Prepubertal change-rise in androgens from 8-10 years (ind. Of puberty) Puberty changes in women… Cyclical change in women and syncing of menstrual cycles PMS affects minority of women, menses causes discomfort, bad days in men, cycle of libido and period Decline of male androgens at age 30-climacteric; cessation of cycle of women,
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Unformatted text preview: (transient and long term) Anatomical Sex Homology… External Genitalia Penis and clitoris-Same primordial, 9wks indistinguishable; scrotum and labia are homologous Primary Sex Characteristics-external genitalia, internal reproductive organs, mammary glands Secondary Sex Characteristics-body size, shape, fat deposits (behavior/brain?) Freud’s claims-fear of castration, identity with fathers, girls think it has already happened to them so identify with mothers Margaret Mead-womb envy and couvade ***no psychoneutrality; early stereotype behaviors and then segregate and combine later on Orientation does seem to have genetic component no gene but multiple complex suite of genes Gay hypothalamus-less cluster of hypothalamus Gender Benders-gays and lesbians, the creepsters with chromosomal and hormonal abnormalities, and circumcision damage Biology can be culturally reversed if we want to...
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Sex and Gender - (transient and long term) Anatomical Sex...

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