Sex Differentiation of Body and Brain

Sex Differentiation of Body and Brain - promotes cell...

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Sex Differentiation of Body and Brain Developmental and Genomic Causes ) 3-6 Starting point is female SRY genes on Y make males and testis determining factor-TDF Differentiation through Steroids (testerone, estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol)-made from cholesterol Gonad steroids-shape some sex differences Hormone action-with receptors in nucleus-lipid soluble-response of transcription factors Primordial state-mullerian and wolfian ducts Ambiguous Genitalia-congenital adrenal, hyperplasia, Progesterone RX in pregnancy hormonal treatments and gender reassignment OLD CAH-partially female genitalia if XX, treated female, tomboys compare botched circumcision Masculinizing the Brain-High T titers in male crosses BBB aromatizing enzyme converts some T to E2 and
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Unformatted text preview: promotes cell growth Pituitary Gonadal Axis-GnRH FSH and LH Pre-pube-operating and sensitive, decreasing in sensitivity, and operating at baseline Genetic Sex, Gonadal, Hormonal,Phenotypic, Sex Assignment, Early Gender Identity, Pubertal and Adult Girls are more verba and relationally aggressice but men are MAINLY physical Sexual Dimorphism in Brain volume of SDN-PA-highest in male Aromatase and 5 alpha for brain and body masculinization Gayness-Men and Women have reduced INAH-3 Hypo-larger in men and more interstitial nuclei Thalamus more often gone in men than women Corpus callosum-larger in women and retainment in size throughout life...
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  • progesterone, Gonadal Axis-GnRH FSH, female SRY genes, Ambiguous Genitalia-congenital adrenal, Hormone action-with receptors

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