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Art Appreciation Discussion 1: To me, art is a form of free expression, a creation that stimulates the sense of aesthetic pleasure with an emphasis on perception. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and what may be a hideous hunk of metal may be a piece of monumental art to another. Art evokes our inner creativity no matter if we are the artist or the fortunate observer, who would in turn interpret the work accordingly with the time and place of when of the artwork in mind. I appreciate fun, vivid and vibrant contemporary art, such as the works of various artists/ designers from Kidrobot©. I also admire Claude Monet’s work. My cousin was engaged
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Unformatted text preview: in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in front one of his pieces, but unfortunately I do not recall the title of the artwork. I think culture has somewhat of an influence on what type of art is put out into the public eye; this can be seen through art exhibitions and the change in times, which calls for a different style of art, such as the field of animation and digital graphics and motion picture. I also believe the media influences the public a great deal on what is to be considered as beautiful and masterful pieces of art, and what is deemed conventional and unconventional....
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