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Chapter 16 Lecture Notes 1. Design, Craft, and Fine Art Remember that a designer produces every manufactured object, printed image, or constructed space. Point out the different types of design, from clothing and books to airplanes and home furnishings. There are various design disciplines which you should be aware of: Graphic design, industrial design, textile design, clothing design, interior design architecture, and environmental design. Look at examples of Josiah Wedgwood’s ornamental ware and useful ware (figs. 411). Wedgwood made two different kinds of pottery to serve two different functions. One is art, or craft. Crafts are one of a kind handmade objects created by a skilled individual. If a craftsperson makes something that appeals to one person, then they are successful. The other is mass-produced, made by someone other than the person who designs the object. Designers must appeal to masses and often follow the trends of time. Car designers, for example, do not actually put the car together, machines do. Also, point out in the end, craftspeople and fine artists share more than they do with designers. Both craftspeople and artists make the object hands-on. Wedgwood made objects of fine art and utilitarian objects that are used on daily basis. Is Wedgwood is a designer or an artist or a craftsperson, or all three? 2. The Arts and Crafts Movement Remember that in the first half of the 19 th -century, the industrial revolution was taking place. Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace (fig. 515 & 516 ), designed for London’s 1851 Great Exposition, housed exhibitions of new technologies under one modern, glass-enclosed roof. Built from modern materials such as cast-iron and glass, the Crystal Palace celebrated progress and modernity. Not everyone, though, felt positively about the Positive Age.
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