Government 2 Notes - Assignments Questions for MondayWho is...

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Assignments Questions for Monday- “Who is the most powerful person in the U.S.?” Please read Chapter 15 before Monday Lecture Stuff Everything Government does promotes “public policy = outcomes” U.S. Government is “Reactionary” postponing decision, letting the next person handle problems… PowerPoint Slides Chapter 1- American Political Culture 7/14/11 Trust in government The Puzzle-Americans have paradoxical views of government: -Since the American Revolution and the Founding, Americans have been reluctant to embrace or empower “big government” -Americans nevertheless appreciate the services that government provides, particularly in time of crisis. Government trust: neither left nor right - Liberals are more apt to trust the government to promote the public good through social programs and government regulation of business… …but are more circumspect about expanding government powers in the areas of defense, police power, and social regulation. - Conservatives are more likely to advocate increasing government influence in the areas of defense, police powers, and social regulation… … but are loath to expand governments role in promoting social welfare spending and government regulation. The Decline in Trust in Government -Americans’ trust in government has declined throughout the second half of the 20 th century, particularly since the 1960s -After September 11, 2001, levels of public trust in government seemed to rebound, but with rising deficits, corporate scandals, and the Iraq war, the level of trust seems again to be declining. The decline in political efficacy Political efficacy : the belief that citizens can influence government and politics -Perhaps part of the reason that Americans trust government less is that their sense of political efficacy has declined -Americans increasingly feel that government doesn’t adequately represents their interests. Citizenship and Government Are American citizen knowledgeable? Citizenship: informed and active membership in a political community 1. Knowledge of government: Do you know the “rules of the game” in American politics
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2. Knowledge of politics: Do you know the “stakes” of political conflicts? 3. Knowledge of democratic principles: Do you know Where do you get your news and information about politics? Do you… -Read a newspaper daily? -Watch broadcast or cable television news? -Get your news from the Internet? Politics and Popular Culture -Surveys reveal that Americans, particularly those aged from 18 to 29, increasingly get political news from popular culture sources like The Daily Show or Saturday Night Live. -By the same token, comedy monologues from the late night talk shows such as The Tonight Show… Americans tend to be poorly informed about politics and government. -Do you think there might be a connection between declines in trust, efficacy, or
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Government 2 Notes - Assignments Questions for MondayWho is...

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