DISCUSSIONS - Discussion 2 Because a representational...

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Discussion 2 Because a representational painting, such as “The Treason of Images”, is painted to obviously depict a matter in nature or an object of some sort as a representation and not meant to in any way miraculously take the form of the object (hence the caption: this is not a pipe), I think it could be revealed as more abstract than an abstract painting. In an abstract painting, the shapes and colors are used in a subjective way and may not look very realistic, but it is defined enough so you can still get an idea of what you are looking at, a general feel for the painting, and infer to what the artist attempts to convey. An example would be the series of paintings by none other than Claude Monet titled “Water Lilies”. I personally love this painting for the style. It is far from dull and very shapely in such a way I would imagine a pipe to be if one were two feet away from me. The title is extremely fitting, referring to the contradictory phrase within the painting. I think by ‘this is not a pipe’, Magritte meant that the pipe epitomizes so much more than a tangible, boring and ordinary pipe, one which anyone of age can go out and buy. But, you clearly
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DISCUSSIONS - Discussion 2 Because a representational...

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