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Precious Moments - have fulfilled …(it was actually...

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I hope you like your card; I picked it out myself. Did I get it as comic relief after reading two sentimentally written cards from the beloved parents with such burning intensity that streaks of love latticed with tears are able to seep through the sealed envelops in hopes of reaching your heart and ears? Maybe. Did I get it because I yearn to go back to the carefree childhood days I had the absolute pleasure in sharing with you more often than you’ll ever know? Undeniably true. Do I perpetually and lovingly reminisce and look back to the best years of my life even as a maturing adult? Indeed I do. Did I get it because it was supposedly merely one dollar? Guilty. One dollar for an open canvas I can pour my inner emotions into without breaching the cheesy extent to which our parents
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Unformatted text preview: have fulfilled. …(it was actually regular price and Mommy threw a mini-fit in the car) Did I get it because Mommy being Mommy got this card a day after you are supposed to hand it to the retreat organizers at church, and me being me was left to pick out and write a bloody brilliant card faster than you can say “Darn it Mommy!”? Fo sho dawg. In all seriousness, I am proud to call you Brother. I know you are naturally stoic, but I truly hope you let your colors shine in the event of this potentially life-changing retreat. Goodbye and good riddance. Haha jk you’re not getting away from me that easily. See you for Easter broski. Love Nina Rest assured receipt...
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