The Healing of America

The Healing of America - Do ,1 Josephine Do Ayala 10/1/10...

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Do ,1 Josephine Do Ayala 10/1/10 The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care Through T.R. Reid’s eye-opening book, Americans can walk away with a clearer understanding of how different models of health care work, how recent reforms have been undertaken with successful outcomes, as well as expose the myths behind global and domestic healthcare. This generally unbiased and concise text offers a wealth of information ranging from the origin of developed countries’ health care system to the reasons why nonprofit health insurance companies can survive to how culture impacts the way a country execute their moral obligation to their citizens through the right of universal healthcare. His professional voice speaks out for all the suffering Americans waiting impatiently for a decent health care plan as thousands die each year. For those who by now have reached the conclusion that our current health care system is in adequate to say the least, this monumental text reassures us of our lowly opinion, clarifying what we already know and have unfortunately come to accept. The U.S. is a paradox; we stand as the wealthiest country in the world yet the percentage of GDP put towards healthcare increases exponentially on an annual. It is only right for the average American to be critical of their overly complex, sickeningly unequal and discriminatory, and expensive system. As a wealthy nation in the industrialized world, we are the only nation who has failed to adopt universal health care reform of any kind. While malpractice lawsuits are often blamed for doctors ordering unneeded tests and subsequent higher costs, economists point out that insurance premiums, jury verdicts and defensive medicine add a mere 1% to our total health care costs. (Medical Malpractice Myths and Realities) American health care is not really a system at all. It is a market. The fact is, we are the only nation that allows for-profit insurance companies resulting in refusals, cruel denials, and administrative costs. Hence, we pay millions more
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Do ,2 for less care and coverage but more red tape. Nonprofit insurance companies can survive through the free market and competition to rally as many clients as possible and millions of people have the ability to choose their own doctors so it is not true “socialized
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The Healing of America - Do ,1 Josephine Do Ayala 10/1/10...

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