Assignment 5 Geog 3B

Assignment 5 Geog 3B - H un ter AF Sapp April 14th 2011...

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Hunter AF Sapp - - April 14 th , 2011 - - Geography 3B - - Thursday @ 11:00 - - Assignment 5 A1.) If I wanted the best solution for both of us, the simulation showed a groin style breakwater at the bottom of Mrs. Jones property. In the long run it would develop a beach, a possible harbor on the other side, and a wake. This would increase both of their property values by location and because it has a surf-able wave directly in front of them. A2.) The waters outside the harbor probably have high wave energy or swell, however because the current runs from west to east, the breakwater of the harbor slows and calms the current down. From this, the wave energy changes from a high to low wave energy from the breakwater within the Santa Barbara harbor. A3.) The water current flows from west to east along the coast naturally, while doing this it brings sediment within the current from long shore drift and other methods. As the current passes around the breakwater’s edge all sediment gets dropped of in lee of the breakwater due to diffraction, ultimately this is where the wave energy is relatively low and sediment transport is no longer continuing. Thus, a sandbar develops. A4.) If the sand deposited over time is not dredged away than the sand will continue to pile up producing an enclosed area for the harbor and/or a much larger sandy beach. This is due largely because of the currents inability to entrain and transport the soil because the breakwater halts the wave energy that enables sediment transport. Over the next 8 months, city officials and specialists will set up the basic parameters and plan out the full process of what exactly will be
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Assignment 5 Geog 3B - H un ter AF Sapp April 14th 2011...

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