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Geography 3B May 23, 2011 GLACIAL PROCESSES fow, melting and Freezing cycle liquid at bottom oF glacier allows For water movement-creates crevasses, movement oF material moraine- glacial ±lled valley tributary glacier- like rivers down mountains, Frozen Alpine Glaciated Environment u-shaped valleys From glacial melt, scours the valley hanging valleys- scour in tributary glaciers From melt extent oF glaciers during last glaciation period went to northern US states soils Formed here are about 10,000 old, very young parent material southern states soil was not moved (500,00+) Friction Force and pressure results in smoothing eFFect oF mountains permaFrost- Frozen ground in environments where Freezing temperatures are near constant (continuous vs. discontinuous) geli±cation*- movement via glacial melt (permaFrost melts) BIOGEOGRAPHY “landscape ecology, ecology, communities, organisms” the study oF the distribution oF species over space and time, also includes biogeochemical cycling, ecosystems, distribution oF species and
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