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Hand written #4 - Hunter Sapp 4073458 Astronomy 1...

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Hunter Sapp – 4073458 – Astronomy 1 – Wednesdays 5:00 Chapter 22, Question 7 Einstein’s general theory of relativity was a better description than Newton’s description because Einstein was able to understand and describe gravity in terms of space and time unlike Newton who describe gravity relative to the earth’s gravitational field, not of open space. Under the circumstances that the area of space is at rest relative to the object moving, like an apple on earth, then Newton’s ideas would be correct. Chapter 22, Question 22 The strong gravitational pull of a black hole is so strong that light cannot escape it, however, a black hole only has a center and a surface area, and once outside the event horizon it is impossible to fall into a black hole from the gravitational pull. With that being said, a black hole with 10 solar masses, according to the Schwarzchild formula, would have a radius of about 30 km, which compared to how big and open space is, it would be quite hard to fly into a black hole. Chapter 22, Question 27
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Hand written #4 - Hunter Sapp 4073458 Astronomy 1...

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