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Hunter Sapp Lab 2 - Hunter Sapp Geography 135 Lab 2...

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Hunter Sapp Geography 135 Lab 2 Currently the population of the EU is 492,387,344 and has a growth rate of about 0.098 %. The graph below shows the population density of Europe as indicated by color. Notice that the Europe is fairly dense region with relatively small land compared to most regions. Image 1 The estimated amount of proven oil reserves is about 5.453 billion bbl. The estimated amount of proven natural gas reserves is about 2.25 trillion cu m. Notice that the majority of the pipelines appear to be flowing from foreign sources, Notice in through the north through Sweden to the UK and from Northern Africa and Central Asia to Mediterranean region. Image 2 Currently 25 of the 27 states apart of the European Union are now actively participating in the Kyoto Protocol. In 2007, all members of the EU agreed upon using 20% renewable energy in all sectors of life and that by 2020 the EU would reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 20% compared to the 1990 levels. The hardest goal set forth by the EU would be that by 2020, 10% of the cars and trucks would be running completely off renewable energy. In the first year of execution after the Kyoto Protocol and after the EU opened the market for emissions trade, it traded 362 million tonnes of CO 2 on the market for a sum of €7.2 billion. A recent water policy enacted by the EU is the Water Framework Directive that is aiming for rivers, lakes, ground and coastal waters to be of ‘good quality’ by 2015. The policy says that the surface water must be of good quality, but in order to have good surface water, the ecological framework and chemical composition of the water must good as well. Another policy adopted by the EU was the Natura 2000 programme which is an ecological network of protected territory in Europe. The network as about 30,000 sites and was largely responsible from the Birds Directive and The Habitat Directive which set aside land it deemed Special Protection Areas (SPA) and Special Areas of
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Hunter Sapp Lab 2 - Hunter Sapp Geography 135 Lab 2...

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