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Lab 6 - Hunter Sapp - Maps and Mapping Lab5:Symbology Name:...

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Maps and Mapping Lab 5: Symbology Name: Hunter Sapp Section: Tuesday at 3:00 Part A. Generalization 1. Examine the two maps of the London rail system.  Explain in detail what generalization techniques  were employed in creating the schematic diagram.  What information was omitted to produce the  schematic map? (1) First, it used selection to highlight all the factors that are directly for the scheme, in this case it’s the  underground railway. Simplification is expressed in the actual location of the points, for this map they were  more concerned in showing the simple route of the underground rather than the actual one. The moving of  locations to express different points relations they also used the technique of displacement. 2. Why is a schematic diagram preferred for transportation maps? (1) In transportation maps it is important that you are on the correct path, not that you are in a certain location compared to the actual area. For example, when driving I only care about the next turn most importantly, whereas, distance falls secondary because eventually I will get there. Part B.  Representing Information 3. For the following maps, list this visual variable combination in use (ex: hue and area, size and point,  shape and point, etc), the levels of measurement represented (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio), and 
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Lab 6 - Hunter Sapp - Maps and Mapping Lab5:Symbology Name:...

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