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sample test1 - Exam Number: _ FIN 3710 Investment Analysis...

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Exam Number: ____________________ FIN 3710 Zicklin School of Business Investment Analysis Baruch College Prof: Lin Peng FIN 3710 Sample Midterm 1 NAME: ______________________________ (Please print your name here) PLEDGE: ____________________________ (Sign your name here) Instructions: 1. First please find your assigned seat and sign on the seat assignment sheet. Then you can receive your exam. 2. Print and sign your name on the exam. 3. The exam is closed book and closed notes . You can bring in one page, 8 × 11 handwritten formula sheet. You will be given the exam only after your formula sheet is checked . You have a total of 75 minutes for the exam. 4. The exam has a total of 20 points. There are 25 multiple choices questions, 0.8 point for each question. 5. Do not separate the exam book. Feel free to use the back of the exam book for as your scratch sheet. 6. Budgeting your time efficiently.
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Important: Please fill in your answers in the table below with a Pen. Any grade discrepancies will not be considered if you use a pencil. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 1. The total market capitalization of US stock market is about _________ (pick the closest answer) A)1.5 times US annual GDP. B)Twice of US annual GDP. C)Half of US annual GDP. D)5 times US annual GDP. 2. . __________ are real assets. A) Bonds B) Machines C) Stocks D) None of the above 3. __________ are examples of financial intermediaries. A) Commercial banks B) Insurance companies C) Investment companies D) All of the above 4. You are bearish on Telecom and decide to sell short 100 shares at the current market price of $50 per share. How much in cash or securities must you put into your brokerage account if the broker’s initial margin requirement is 50% of the
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sample test1 - Exam Number: _ FIN 3710 Investment Analysis...

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