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Finance 3710 / Prof. Lin Peng Page 1 Last updated: 8/24/2011 Finance 3710 – Investment Analysis Professor: Lin Peng Email: Office: VC 10-259 Phone: (646) 312-3491, Fax: (646) 312-3451 Time: MW 2:30-3:45pm Place: VC11-150 Office hour: MW 3:45–4:15pm. Overview The objective of this course is to provide a rigorous and an integrated framework for understanding the mechanism of financial investment. The course prepares students to work in the investment industry (money manager, security analyst, investment banking) and to gain invaluable perspective into their own investing and financial planning. The course will emphasize intuition and insight, as well as rigorous analysis in order to foster students’ interest and skills in applying financial theory to practical applications. The materials to be covered include the following areas: financial markets, securities trading, financial analysis of common stocks and fixed income securities, modern investment theory and its applications and option markets and evaluation . Please be prepared to spend a substantial amount of time on this course. You will need to work in groups for some of the assignments and they could be very time-consuming. Prerequisite Minimum requirement: Fin 3000. Finance is very mathematical and the course draws heavily from students’ knowledge learned in the introductory finance, accounting and statistics courses. If you have not taken these courses, it is a virtual certainty that you will have great difficulty in this one. Knowledge of MS Excel spreadsheet is also a must. Course Materials and Resources Teaching materials are drawn from several books, newspapers, and periodicals. Required readings include chapters from the textbook and lecture notes . They will be assigned for each class. It is important to read the assigned chapter(s) before coming to the class. It will be difficult to follow the course without reading the background material ahead of time (hopefully the opposite is also true). 1. Textbook: Essentials of Investments with Connect (Bodie, Kane and Marcus, 8th Ed, McGraw Hill – Irwin) . Connect can be purchased together with the textbook or separately at the website.
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syllabus_fall2011 - Finance 3710 Investment Analysis...

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