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Learning about Operating Systems - Written Assignment:...

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Written Assignment: Learning About Operating Systems 1) How do you mount a .dmg file on a Mac OS X? A1) The dmg. extension tells OS X that the file is Disk Image. If an image file has additional segments, each segment must have a .dmgpart extension. To keep the correct order each seg- ment, numbers need to be insert between the filename and the extension, as shown below: Original filenames for image and segments Macintosh Disk Image filenames Example file.001 file.dmg file.002 file.002.dmgpart file.003 file.003.dmgpart file.004 file.004.dmgpart After the image and any associated segments have been rename, they can be loaded as a virtual disk image. Before mounting the image, however, you need to write protect it to prevent OS X from writing to the virtually mounted drive. To mount the .dmg files listed in the Example, in Finder navigate to the drive and then the direct- ory containing the .dmg files, and double click the first segmented file, file.dmg to load the entire collection of segmented volumes. (Note that OS X Disk Image reads and mounts all associated segments with the .dmgpart extension automatically. OS X loads and displays a desctop icon of the virtual mounted disk with the name “untitled.” You can rename the icon with the case name, such as File Disk, to make it easier to identify. To
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Learning about Operating Systems - Written Assignment:...

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