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Unformatted text preview: Social and Environmental Social and Environmental Community Impacts of New Construction Projects Environmental Impacts Environmental Impacts Environmental Health of the Community – Air Quality (pollutants, dust) – Water (runoff, contaminated ground water) – Soil (contamination, erosion, plant growth) – Eco System (plants, wildlife) – Noise pollution – Construction waste (landfill impact, recycling) – Light How Can Dust from earth­ hauling units be Managed? •Keep roads watered •Knock accumulated dust from truck bumpers, running boards, etc. •Cover truck loads.. How can light pollution be addressed? Restrict work during nighttime hours Avoid intense artificial lighting Carefully orient artificial lighting.. How can noise pollution be addressed? Monitor noise levels with meters Enforce strict speed controls Select equipment that maintains low noise emissions Restrict the use of certain pieces of equipment Restrict equipment operations to specific hours.. Social Impacts Impact community growth (more people) Change land use Change in the community character Some residents will be displaced Change security of community Increase in crime Growth of homeless rate Change community demographics.. How can social impacts be addressed? Try to hire locally as much as possible Sponsor activities that include the community Develop close ties with local law enforcement.. Economic Impact Economic Impact Water supply and water treatment Basic services (police, schools, fire dept.) Parking spaces downtown Energy needs and energy capacity Housing impact Sustained growth (or abrupt) Impact on retail businesses Real estate impact at project completion Creation of new businesses Availability/supply of labor (during and after project) Availability of construction materials… Transportation Transportation Impact on commuter traffic (travel time) Impact from noise and dust of traffic Excess wear on roadways Dust and mud accumulation on roads Need for traffic signaling Proximity to rail lines Need for changes in public transportation Project Delivery Method ADR (claims reduction) Approval process (permitting ease) Partnering and teamwork with community Paperless project controls Local contractor preference? Facility Design Facility Design Facility security Bioterrorism Health issues Construction worker safety Aesthetics and changes in visual appearance Use of space (consider alternatives) Use of sunlight Impact on adjacent facilities ...
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