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Concrete Masonry Units 2008 Page 1 Concrete Masonry Units The old gray concrete block system that produced generally square buildings with sharp mortar joints dividing the walls into 8x16-inch rectangles is nothing like the concrete masonry homebuilding systems available today . Problems of moisture, low insulation, and appearance plagued the old concrete block houses. Today, concrete is combined with steel, plastic foam, and special agents mixed into the concrete to produce a variety of different building systems. New types of concrete block, advances in rigid foam insulation, and advances in construction methods have combined to provide concrete block building systems that cost-effectively out perform traditional frame building methods in every way . .. including greater curb appeal. Mortarless Block Systems Mortarless block systems come close to the notion of stacking up block to form a wall and then locking them together. This was the approach utilized by an old dry stack system in which conventional blocks were set one on top of the other to form the wall and then cemented together. The new mortarless block systems are quite different. Some interlock like jigsaw puzzle pieces while others have a tongue-and-groove interlocking design. Sparlock Block - The Sparlock building system is a mortarless, interlocking block system developed by Sparbeton Products Ltd. of Montreal, Quebec. There are five block shapes that comprise the system: stretcher, half-stretcher, corner, half-corner, and jamb. Designing for the Sparlock system requires that a 16-inch module be maintained and that openings be designed as 8-inch modules. The reason for this restriction is that the stretcher and half stretcher blocks are 16 inches long and the jamb block extends 8 inches. The following figure illustrates the interlocking nature of the Sparlock system.
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Concrete Masonry Units 2008 Page 2 Presented below is the appearance of a wall being erected with Sparlock block. Today the Sparlock Interlocking Building System has acquired all the necessary building and engineering code approvals and is well established in the residential and industrial “fire wall” market in North America. However the market to which Sparlock is best suited, in the opinion of Derek Crossen the developer of the Sparlock system and president of Sparlock Technologies, Inc., is the housing market of developing countries. The system does not require any particular skill to erect straight, structurally sound walls with automatic 90 degree corners to form the square or the rectangle of the outside house walls. The blocks are manufactured using indigenous materials with strict quality control which is mostly unheard of in these developing markets. Intralock Block –
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CMU-Systems - Concrete Masonry Units 2008 Page 1 Concrete...

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