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Cost Information 2008 Page 1 COST INFORMATION It is difficult to compare the cost of one building system with one or more others because there are so many factors that can influence cost. Most of these have been discussed in class throughout the semester. Aside from the “hassle” factor that contractors tend to include in their bid when dealing with something new to them, there is the question of comparability of costs. In the following paragraphs you will find statements about the cost of various systems. Many of these costs are quoted on a “per square foot” basis. However, after you have read the various sections, stop and think whether you can make an actual and fair comparison. Two questions to ask yourself are: Is the sq-ft-cost listed based on sq-ft of living space in the home or is it sq-ft of building system installed? Does the cost quoted represent installed cost including material, labor, and product transportation? INSULATING CONCRETE FORMS The National Association of Home Builders Research Center conducted a study in the mid-1990s. The Center designed and monitored construction of three houses. Two where build with ICFs and one with wood framing. They recorded material qualities, labor requirements, and material costs. The results of this study were that the labor costs for the ICF houses were a bit higher than for the wood framing. Total installed costs averaged $2.73 per square foot of floor area more for ICFs than for the wood- frame homes. The increased cost for the ICFs was due to the higher cost of materials relative to wood framing. During sound testing, it was found that ICFs performed better than the wood walls when openings where not present. Performance difference diminished as windows were added to the walls. These figures where obtained through the Insulating Concrete Form Association. An average home costs $60.00-$100.00 per square foot. Walls made of ICFs add $1.00-$4.00 per square foot to the figure. However since these homes are more energy efficient, the heating and cooling equipment can be smaller than in a wood-frame house. The reduced HVAC
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CostData - Cost Information 2008 Page 1 COST INFORMATION It...

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