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Florida Building Code 2008 Page 1 Florida Building Code Reference: www.floridabuilding.org The newly adopted Florida Building Code replaces 470 local codes that crisscross the state. With the adoption of the new code come changes that may impact the cost of construction: 1) General changes—those changes that are not building specific 2) Wind load requirements—changes related to changes in hurricane resistance a) Wind speed b) Exposure classification (Near Atlantic or Gulf Coast vs. Inland) c) Walls—wood or masonry d) Windows and sliding glass doors e) Wind-Borne Debris protection (if used) f) Doors: entrance and garage doors g) Roof covering h) Roof structure (trusses and tie-down connections) 3) Termite treatments and related roof downspout and condensate discharge requirements. 4) Concrete slab construction 5) Gable end-wall construction 6) Screen enclosures 7) Energy Code changes 8) Mechanical Code changes 9) Plumbing Code changes General Changes General changes are those changes that are not building specific, such as plan review time and newly required inspections that may require an increase in fees by the local government. However, contacts with several Building Officials found that they do not anticipate any fee increase based on the FBC. Some fees may increase based on current operating costs, but those increases are not based on anticipated future costs prompted by the FBC. A Fort Myers builder allows one month for the building department to issue a building permit. For each additional month delay in issuing the permit, they estimate a cost of approximately $1,400. Only time will tell if this type of cost materializes. Although the information required on drawings increases modestly, the change is not expected to increase costs from design professionals. All the information that is required on the plans must have been determined during the design of the house. Adding it to the plans does not require the development of “extra” information. Required inspections. The building official shall determine the timing and sequencing of when inspections occur and what elements are inspected at each inspection.
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Florida Building Code 2008 Page 2 1. Foundation inspection - While not a new inspection, code stipulates elements to be inspected during foundation inspection: stem-wall, monolithic slab-on-grade, piling/pile caps, footers/grade beams
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