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Instructor - Urbanetics Inc a Washington-based consulting...

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BCN-4023 Instructor Page 1 Robert C. Stroh, Sr., Ph. D., A.I.C. Research Professor/Associate Dean for Research Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing Dr. Stroh is director of the Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing in the Rinker School of Building Construction and he serves as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Design, Construction and Planning. Dr. Robert Stroh joined the Rinker School of Building Construction in November 1989 after having served eleven years as a division director for the NAHB Research Center, Inc., the research subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders in Upper Marlboro, MD. Prior to that he served eight years as vice president of Applied
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Unformatted text preview: Urbanetics, Inc., a Washington-based consulting firm where he was responsible for energy conservation and environmental programs. Before Applied Urbanetics he was with Vitro Laboratories, Inc., a Navy defense contractor located in Silver Spring, MD, for nine years. Stroh received his undergraduate degree in forest management from the Pennsylvania State University in 1959. He went on to receive a Master of Science in forestry with a minor in statistics in 1961. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy in 1964 majoring in genetics and with a minor in statistics. He currently lives in Gainesville with his wife Kelly, two sons (Robbie 1982 and Ryan 1983), and daughter (Kerry 1985)....
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