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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 24 CHAPTER ELEMENTS OF AN ELEMENTS EFFECTIVE SAFETY PROGRAM SAFETY Company philosophy on safety safety Statement from corporate Statement management management Company Philosophy Reflected in the Mission Statement Statement A short and concise statement about the company’s view on the firm’s success and safety Two Major Section Make up the Safety Program q 1. Safety Management q 2. Safe Work Practices Safety Management Duties and Responsibilities Project Manager q Superintendent q Foremen q Safety Director q SCOPE OF SAFETY SCOPE Extends beyond the project boundary Aggressively promotes safety Pre-construction conferences Pre-construction checklist (meetings, Pre-construction postings, medical arrangements, OSHA poster, project safety program, identification of serious hazards, etc.) identification Training New Worker Orientation Periodic Training (refresher) Special topics (Confined Space, LOTO, hot work, fire watch, trenching, hazcom, emergency evacuation, etc.) Regulatory Compliance OSHA q Other regulations q Owner Regulations Site Specific Requirements q Imposed by the owner q Common when working in existing and operating facilities q Hazard Analysis Hazard Based on jobsite assessment q Focus on serious hazards q Safety Meetings Weekly toolbox meetings q Pretask planning meetings q Weekly supervisory meetings q Monthly project-wide meetings q Safety Committees Safety Jobsite audits q Make-up of the committee q Rotation of membership q Safety Awards/Recognition Workers q Supervisory Personnel q Substance Abuse Programs Substance For all personnel q Pre-employment screening q Post-accident q Random q For cause q Action for positive test results q Subcontractor Compliance Subcontractor Prepare safety program q Compliance with site rules q Reporting requirements q Consequences of non-compliance q INSPECTIONS BY REGULARTORY PERSONNEL PERSONNEL Admittance granted? q Notification of others q Document information obtained q Safety Performance Evaluations Evaluations Who is evaluated? How often By whom Criteria Emergency Plans Emergency Evacuation plans q Fire q Hurricane q Explosion q Accident Reporting Accident Response time q Who must be informed q Nature of reporting q Accident Investigations Accident Conducted by superintendent, safety director, foreman, etc. q Preserve the accident site conditions q Talk with witnesses q Photograph conditions q Document all information q Seek the root cause q SHIFTING LIABILITY SHIFTING Done by contract Not addressed in the Safety Program SELECTION OF INSURANCE CARRIER INSURANCE OTHER ELEMENTS OTHER Clear communications Job site visits Effective scheduling Flex and stretch programs Safe Work Practices ...
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