Donot resumeworkuntil30 minutesafterthunder

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Unformatted text preview: vailable Lightning Deaths in US(1990­2003) Lightning Deaths in US(1990­2003) Global Distribution of Lightning Global Distribution of Lightning 30/30 Rule 30/30 Rule If thunder is heard within 30 seconds of a lightning strike, suspend all outdoors work­related activities for 30 minutes. Do not resume work until 30 minutes after thunder is last heard. Safety Plan Safety Plan The 30/30 rule: Make sure all workers take shelter, preferably inside a permanent structure. Once inside the structure, stay clear of windows and openings in the structure. If caught outside in a lightning storm do not seek shelter under tall objects such as trees. Lightning Safety Position Lightning Safety Position Drop to a crouched position (The process of getting low increases your safety) Bend forward keeping your head very low (You want to discourage a strike to the head) Place your hands over your ears & close your eyes. Tuck the elbows close to the body. (Minimizes blindness and deafness from a near­by strike) Keep as little contact (small area) as possible with the ground Lightning Safety Position (cont’d) Lightning Safety Position (cont’d) Touch your feet together. (Minimizes the effects of step voltage from a near by strike to the ground) Do not allow any other body parts to touch the ground Never lie flat on the ground If someone is Hit!! If someone is Hit!! Call Emergency Services (911) A victim does not stay electrified and can be touched right away. If the victim has no pulse, try CPR (cardio­pulmonary resuscitation). If there’s a portable defibrillator, follow the instructions. But be careful about staying in the open in a storm to take care of a victim­ or you can get hit too. If you can, move the victim to a shelter. For More Information, See:
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