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Short talk lightning

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Unformatted text preview: Lightning Lightning Most lightning strikes Most lightning strikes average 2 to 3 miles in length, but can strike up to 10 miles laterally Lightning carries a current of 10,000 Amps at 100 million Volts (hotter than the surface of the sun). Lightning Distance Lightning Distance Quick Facts Quick Facts Florida is the lightning capital of the world. Lightning is about the size of a Quarter to Half­Dollar. It looks so much wider because it is so bright. 2 bits How Far is the Lightning? How Far is the Lightning? Count the seconds between the lightning strike and when thunder is heard, and then divide that number by 5 (sound travels at a speed of 761 mph or 1100 fps or about one mile in approximately 5 seconds). Example: If 20 seconds, the lightning is about 4 miles away Lightning Meters Lightning Meters Lightning Meters can also be used to detect the presence of lightning in the vicinity. These meters indicate the distance to the lightning. Some firms reduce outdoor activities as soon as lightning...
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