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Unformatted text preview: Wind Wind Wind Wind Wind can be a killer on a construction project Consider the following cases in which fatalities occurred Deaths Due to Wind Deaths Due to Wind Average of 47 wind­related deaths per year in the United States gust of wind blew a cover off an enclosure on a tower under construction. worker yelled warning to personnel below. worker at 400' level saw falling cover, and unhooked safety line to get out of the way of the falling object. cover struck worker and the worker fell approximately 350' to the base below. OOW!! 2 workers inside a building being demolished structure was severely weakened by cutting the vertical columns 20+ mph north wind with gusts of 30 mph + structure became even more unstable structure collapsed on worker trying to exit Bummer Five aluminum concrete forms (8' x 3', 80 pounds each) were standing vertically strong gust of wind blew them over victim was knocked down and his head struck a wale bracket that was sticking out of a 5 gallon bucket D a r n !!! installing roof trusses on a building installing 2X4" by 12' supports onto the trusses unexpected gust of wind from the south west trusses collapsed and the victim to fell to the concrete floor below ARGH!! How Does Wind Speed Translate How Does Wind Speed Translate to Pressure on a Surface? P = K V2 P = pressure in PSF K = Constant (~0.0033) V = wind speed (mph) Pressure and Wind Speed Pressure and Wind Speed When the wind speed is doubled, the pressure is quadrupled For wind speed of 20 mph, P = 1.3 psf For wind speed of 75 mph, P = 18.5 psf For wind speed of 150 mph, P = 74 psf For wind speed of 155 mph, P = 79 psf 140 120 100 80 Pressure PSF 60 40 33 20 0 5 10 20 50 100 150 175 200 MPH MPH MPH MPH MPH MPH MPH MPH Wind Speed ...
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