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Unformatted text preview: LOWBOYS Lowboys Lowboys are a type of flatbed trailer in which the load floor is as close to the ground as possible. Most commonly used to haul heavy equipment, cranes, bulldozers, etc. Lowboys There are two types of lowboys: Front Loading Rear Loading Lowboys Deaths Involving Lowboys (1991­2004) 37 total Deaths • 15 while loading, 12 while unloading, & 10 during transport. Unloading Equipment 32% Loading Equipment 41% During Transport 27% Lowboy Precautions Majority of accidents involving lowboys occur when loading/unloading equipment. Special care must be taken to ensure the trailer is on a level area when loading or unloading equipment to prevent equipment from becoming unstable. Make sure nobody is in the area when unloading equipment. Lowboy Precautions When loading equipment make sure that the tracks/wheels of the equipment are centered on the trailer. Never load equipment onto the lowboy from the side. Lowboy Precautions When loading/unloading equipment near a roadway, place adequate warning signs to alert motorists. Do not load or unload equipment near overhead power lines. Lowboy Precautions Always secure the load on the trailer, even when transporting equipment short distances. When transporting equipment on a lowboy, make sure there is adequate clearance around the equipment so as not strike nearby workers or vehicles. Make sure the brakes on the lowboy and on the truck pulling the lowboy are properly adjusted. Lowboy Accident Worker was unloading a bulldozer off of a lowboy parked on a slope. When the worker began to back the bulldozer off of the trailer, the bulldozer tipped over and fell off the side of the trailer. When it began to fall the worker tried to jump from the bulldozer and was crushed when it fell off the side of the trailer. Worker was killed. Lowboy Accident Driver of truck bottoms out on a slight grade and breaks air hose that controls the brakes. The broken air hose causes the brakes on the trailer to lock up. Worker goes under the trailer to fix the brakes but does not put the parking brake on the trailer. When the worker fixes the air hose, the brakes are released. Worker is ran over and killed when the truck rolls down the road. Lowboys Many of the lowboy deaths are easily preventable. By following these simple safety precautions, the number of deaths can be greatly reduced. ...
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