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bdmag white paper on sustainability Nov 2003

bdmag white paper on sustainability Nov 2003 -...

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S ustainable development is the most vibrant and powerful force to impact the building design and construction field in more than a decade. In this White Paper, the editors of Building Design & Construction offer a brief history of green building; present the results of a specially commissioned survey of our readers; and analyze the chief trends, issues, and published research, based on interviews with dozens of experts and participants in green building. The White Paper concludes with an "Action Plan," a set of recom- mendations designed to encourage further dialogue about sus- tainable development. Sponsored in part by: North American Insulation Manufacturers Association Wood Promotion Network Underwritten in part by: I NDUSTRY Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. Interface Flooring Systems/Bentley Prince Street The Vinyl Institute Lafarge North America F EDERAL A GENCIES U.S. General Services Administration United States Department of Energy Public Buildings Service Office of Building Technologies Center for Architecture, Engineering Federal Energy Management Program and Urban Development Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy P ROFESSIONAL F IRM Gensler November 2003 A supplement to Building Design & Construction White Paper on Sustainability A Report on the Green Building Movement
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WHITE PAPER ON SUSTAINABILITY 2 Building Design & Construction 11 03 www.bdcmag.com The November 2002 convention of the U.S. Green Building Council signaled a momentous upturn of activity and interest in sustainable design and construction. Attendance at Greenbuild 2002, as the Austin, Texas, conclave was known, was double what event planners antici- pated. Seminar rooms were packed to overflowing with enthusiastic audiences eager to gather the latest information about the most exciting construction industry phenomenon of the last decade. But even as this enormous demonstration of interest in green building was taking place, the sustainability movement was beginning to show signs of growth pains. The proliferation of green products on display at Greenbuild 2002 prompted some attendees to wonder what “green” really meant. Others questioned the practicality of certain aspects of the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system — the increasingly popular “LEED” program. Still others wondered how they fit into the sustainability picture, and whether they and their firms were moving fast enough to catch the wave. In the jubilant aftermath of Greenbuild 2002, the editors of Building Design & Construction decided to undertake this White Paper, in the belief that a publication with more than 50 years of credibility with the professional design and con- struction community might be uniquely positioned to provide an objective, third-party review of the public policy aspects of sustainable design.
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bdmag white paper on sustainability Nov 2003 -...

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