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ICED 97 Abstract A Road Map to Sustainable Building Design Charles Kibert 1  & Pekka Huovila 2 1 University of Florida 2 VTT Building Technology [email protected] [email protected] objectives The  growing  awareness  of the  importance  of minimizing  the  environmental  impacts  of human   activities has resulted  in a wide-ranging  review  of how  mankind  is affecting  natural  systems.   In  construction,   the   theme   of   understanding   the   environmental   impacts   of   creating   the   built  environment  has recently  been  highlighted  at CIB  1, 2  (International  Council for Building  Research  Studies  and  Documentation)  and  at CERF   3  (Civil Engineering  Research  Foundation).  Increasing   interest  in the  subject has  also been  evident  in activities  at ICED   4, 5    and  ASME   6, 7 . Within  CIB  there  are  Task  Groups  for Environmental  Assessment  of Buildings  (TG08) and  Best Practice  for  Sustainable Construction  (TG16). Several Working Commissions of CIB also have ongoing projects,  for   example,  Sustainable   Development   and   the  Future   of   Construction   (W82)   and   Managing   Sustainability  in  Design  (W96). This  paper  follows  up  on  research  that  the  authors  have  earlier   reported  within  the CIB  9, 10, 11, 12, 13 . The objective of this paper  is propose  a generic Road  Map  to serve as a platform  for discussion  on  different approaches towards  sustainability with the emphasis on building  design.  methods One  of the  definitions  for sustainable  construction  is  
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