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Climate Region 3 Reference City: Indianapolis, Indiana The Climate This climate of the Midwest is similar to that of regions 1 and 2, but it is somewhat milder in winter. Cold winds, however, are still an important concern. The mean annual snowfall ranges from 12 to 60 inches. There is some potential for solar energy in the winter since the sun shines more than 40 percent of the daylight hours. Significant cooling loads are common since high summer temperatures often coincide with high humidity. Winds are an asset during the summer. The annual precipitation is about 39 inches and occurs fairly uniformly throughout the year. Climatic Design Priorities* 1st Keep heat in and cold temperatures out in the winter. (I)
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Unformatted text preview: 2nd Protect from the cold winter winds. (II) 3rd Let the winter sun in. (III) 4th Keep hot temperatures out during the summer. (VIII) 5th Protect from the summer sun. (IV) 6th Use natural ventilation for summer cooling. (V) * These climatic design priorities are for envelope-dominated building types only. See Section 5.7 for a specific list of design strategies appropriate for achieving each of these priorities. Use the Roman numerals to find the relevant lists. Note: For an explanation of these Climatic Data Tables, see Section 5.6. Much of the material in the Climate Data Tables comes from the book Regional Guidelines for Building Passive Energy Conserving Homes by the AIA Research Corporation....
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climate_region_Indianapolis_IN - 2nd Protect from the cold...

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