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Environmental Technology I Gold Kim Kwon Gabbard Spring, 2003 HEAT LOSS CALCULATION – Example For Assignment 6: Heat Loss Calculation , please download the assignment from the ET1 website – “http://web.dcp.ufl.edu/mgold/ET1/ET1homepg.htm ”. The assignment may be completed in groups of two. It must be done in a spreadsheet format. An example of Excel spreadsheet is also available on the website. Three Mechanisms of Heat Loss: 1. Transmission (conduction) through the above-ground building envelope. This includes heat loss through the walls, fenestration, and roof. 2. Infiltration/Ventilation (convection) as air is exchanged between the inside and outside of the building through cracks and openings or through required ventilation. 3. Transmission (conduction) to the ground through the slab – primarily at the edge exposed to air. For this example, we will estimate the amount of heat that is lost to the exterior from a small condominium. Assume that the condominium is located in Gainesville and houses an older couple who spend winters there. The condominium is one story and is slab-on-grade construction.
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HeatLoss_Example - Environmental Technology I...

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