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Department of Architecture University of Florida Environmental Technology I ARC 3610 Morgan | Gold | Ogoli | Kim | Paek Spring, 2001 Homework Assignment 1 Air Temperature, Mean Radiant Temperature, Humidity and Comfort Zone Due in Lab, Thursday, January 9, 2001 This homework assignment provides students with an opportunity to understand the relationship between ambient temperature, humidity, mean radiant temperature (MRT) and the comfort zone. It will be performed and be due on Thursday, January 9 th 2001. Buildings interact with the thermal forces of the external environment by absorbing or shedding heat. A good understanding of the principles of the physics of heat transfer, as applied to buildings, is important in satisfying human thermal comfort. The human body is thermally comfortable when body temperature balances with the ambient environment. Balance is achieved through physical factors (air temperature, thermal radiation, humidity and air movement), personal factors (clothing
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Hmk_1_Temp_RH_MRT_Comfort_Zone_2001 - Department of...

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