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Hmk_2_2002_Psychrometrics - D epartment of Architecture...

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Department of Architecture University of Florida Environmental Technology I ARC 3610 Gold |Pohlman| Kim | Marzo Spring, 2002 Homework Assignment 2 Psychrometry This homework provides students with an opportunity to investigate and understand the thermodynamic properties of moist air. It is due at the beginning of the lab on Wednesday, January 30 2002. Psychrometry is the study of the properties of air. A psychrometric chart graphically describes the interactions between air, moisture, and heat energy. A s air tempera ture rises, its ability to ho ld moisture rise s; also warme r air becomes less dense. The part of the chart that describes the conditions at which most people are comfortable is called the comfort zone . The psychrometric c hart, which ma y be used to graph a wid e variety of pro cesses, is actually a series of graphs superimposed on each other. Each graph is described separately below. 1. Dry-b ulb temperature lines are plotted vertically along the horizontal a xis of the psychrometric cha rt. Dry-bulb temperature is a measure of sensible he at. Sensible heat is what is felt or sense d and is me asured by a dry-bulb thermometer. Sensible heat is the kind of heat that increases
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