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Department of Architecture University of Florida Environmental Technology I ARC 3610 Gold |Kim| Kwon| Gabbard Spring, 2003 Homework Assignment 3 Thermal Properties of Building Materials Abstract This homework assignment provides students with an opportunity to investigate and understand the thermal properties of building materials. It is due at the beginning of lab on Tuesday, January 28th 2003. Previously, you have learned how to collect and analyze data pertaining to the thermal qualities of the environment around you. When these thermal processes are understood, you can use calculations to predict thermal conditions and ensure comfort. This assignment explores the properties of standard building products and how they relate to overall heat exchange of a building with the environment. The amount of heat that a building exchanges with its environment (heat losses or heat gains) can be mathematically predicted. Heat gains or losses are calculated either to establish equipment sizing (design conditions) or approximate energy consumption (normal conditions). Hourly
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Hmk_3_Thermalprops - Department of Architecture University...

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