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School of Architecture University of Florida Environmental Technology I ARC 3610 Gold | Kim | Kwon | Gabbard Spring 2003 HVAC PROJECT Integrated Thermal Design in Buildings This project is designed to allow student to explore potentials for implementing architectural and mechanical thermal systems as components of an integrated design solution. Students will develop their current studio projects with building plan configurations through plan, section and isometric drawings. The focus of the work is to generate a schematic design for architectural thermal systems such as ventilation strategies, thermal envelope materials, sun shading strategies and mechanical cooling distribution and control. Passive design integration will draw from information contained in the first portion of the course and from information included in the textbook of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment for Buildings . Project Description Students will develop a thermally responsive building section and a schematic design for a mechanical cooling system for their current design studio projects. The final submission will include the items listed below in a bound 8 ½” x 11” format (Z-fold 11” x 17” pages are acceptable). Discussion text must be computer generated (no hand written discussion). The hand written annotations on the drawings are only acceptable. The project will be due Monday, April 7 th by 4:30 pm.
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HVAC_Project_2003 - School of Architecture University of...

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