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School of Architecture University of Florida Environmental Technology I ARC 3610 Gold | Kim | Kwon | Gabbard Spring 2003 Homework Assignment 8 Heat Gain – Cooling Load Estimate This homework assignment will assist students in establishing a preliminary estimate of the amount of cooling required in the building for the HVAC project. It is due at the beginning of lab on Tuesday March 25 th 2003. Students will consider heat gains from the building envelope, glass, people, lighting, equipment and ventilation. Once the heat gain in Btu’s per hour is determined, a mechanical system can be sized to offset this load and maintain a comfortable temperature in the space. This procedure should be conducted for each occupied space in the building excluding mechanical rooms and toilet rooms.
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Unformatted text preview: Requirements Based on the information and procedure in the example of Heat Gain – Cooling Load Estimate, 1. Worksheet of CFM air required & cooling load calculation 2. Plans indicating the total CFM air and the total heat gain (cooling load) for each space Design Temperature & Humidity Design Temp & Humidity New York Gainesville & New Orleans Interior Design Temperature Exterior Design Temperature Exterior Design Humidity 75 ºF 89 ºF 50 % 78 ºF 95 ºF 80 % For other places, see Table A.1 in the Appendices of MEEB. Note An example of the heat gain estimate, a psychrometric chart, and an example of Excel spreadsheet are available on the Web – “ http://web.dcp.ufl.edu/mgold/ET1/ET1homepg.htm ”....
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