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Spreadsheet - Heat Loss(Btu/hr 1 Determination of the...

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HEAT LOSS CALCULATION - Spread Sheet Example 1-1. Calculation of U-value Assembly Components R-value U-value Wall Outside air film 3/8" cement plaster 1/2" fiber board sheathing 3-1/2" fiberglass batt 1/2" gypsum board Inside air film ΣR Roof Outside air film 3/8" built-up roofing 3/4" plywood 5.5" fiberglass batt 1/2" gypsum board Inside air film ΣR Window Single-glazed clear glass Door 1-3/8" solid core flush wood 1-2. Building Envelope Heat Losses Assembly U-value Heat Loss (Btu/hr) Wall Roof Windows Doors Const. Type ACH CFH Heat Loss (Btu/hr) Construction Perimeter (ft)
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Unformatted text preview: Heat Loss (Btu/hr) 1. Determination of the Building Envelope Heat Losses (q T ) Area (ft 2 ) Δ T Total Building Envelope Heat Losses, q T (Btu/hr) 2. Determination of the Ventilation/Infiltration Heat Losses (q V ) Volume (ft 3 ) Total Ventilation/Infiltration Heat Losses, q V (Btu/hr) 3. Determination of the Building Slab Heat Losses (q S ) Coefficient, F 2 Total Buildong Slab Heat Losses, q S (Btu/hr) 4. Determination of the Total Heat Losses, Q (q T + q V + q S ) TOTAL HEAT LOSSES, Q (Btu/hr)...
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