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School of Architecture University of Florida ARC 4620 Environmental Technology 2 Gary W. Siebein Fall 2004 Dan Butko, Youngmin Kwon, Koyel Sikdar, Pattra Smitthakorn Due in Lab, Tuesday, September 7, 2004. This assignment focuses on using the distance equation and logarithms to compute sound intensities and sound intensity levels. It also includes some fundamentals of sounds. Show your own (calculation) works. Physics of Sounds 1. Find the corresponding wavelength of sound at each of the following frequencies. Suppose that the speed of sound in air is 1,000 ft/sec. 1) 20 Hz 2) 250 Hz 3) 1000 Hz 2. Sound energy requires a medium in which to travel – from one point in the medium to another. The speed of sound is dependent upon density of the medium and other ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity. Discuss how the speeds of sound may be different with each other in air, steel, and in concrete if the ambient conditions are constant.
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