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School of Architecture University of Florida ARC 4620 Environmental Technology 2 Gary W. Siebein Fall 2004 Dan Butko, Youngmin Kwon, Koyel Sikdar, Pattra Smitthakorn Due in Lab, Tuesday, September 21, 2004. This assignment is to introduce students to a sound level meter, its usage and the meaning of the results relative to individual’s hearing perception. Students are to group into 5 groups (5-6 people/group). Each group will have a sound level meter to measure Sound Pressure Level (SPL) in dBA and dBC at specified locations and record the results in the table provided below. Additional measurements at any other locations can be made as each group’s interest if time is allowed. Discuss your opinion on how the measurement results are related to
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Unformatted text preview: your own perception. Location dBC dBA Description of Sound Sources Perceived Sonic Qualities (loudness, pitch, annoyance) 1) Architecture Library 2) The pond next to the Architecture building 3) Student plaza in front of the Carleton Auditorium 4) Chilled Water Plant next to the Little Hall 5) Fountain by FAB Traffic noise or inside Music building, specify the location (Optional—If time is allowed) Notes: In the table, regardless of the measurements obtained, fill in your own opinion about the perceived sound quality (how loud, comfortable or annoying, and other sound quality that you hear) when you were present in those environments. In a separate sheet discuss briefly (your opinion) on the relationship of the numerical measurements and your own perception....
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