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School of Architecture University of Florida ARC 4620 Environmental Technology 2 Gary W. Siebein Fall 2004 Dan Butko, Youngmin Kwon, Koyel Sikdar, Pattra Smitthakorn Due in Lab, Part I –Tuesday, October 5; Part II—Tuesday, October 12, 2004. This assignment is to analyze room acoustics of the classroom LIT 109. There are 2 major parts, Reverberation Time (RT) calculation and Ray diagramming. In Part I, students are to estimate the reverberation time of the room using Sabine equation. The assignment is designed to give students an understanding of the factors that influence the reverberation time in the room, volume, acoustical shaping and material selection. In Part II, use Ray diagramming to analyze the effectiveness of the ceiling and wall shaping as well as the locations of materials inside the room to enhance sounds from the sound source and to prevent any acoustical defects, such as echoes. Part I: RT calculation Reverberation is the persistence of sound in a room after the source has ceased, by repeated reflections from the boundaries of that space. Reverberation Time (RT) describes the amount of time required for the sound level to decrease 60 dB after the source has stopped producing sound. It should be noted that some reverberation time is
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hw4_RT_diagram - School of Architecture University of...

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