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HW7-ElectricCostEstimation - Lighting 10,000 W(for the...

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ARC 4620 Homework Due 25 November 2003 Name ____________________ ************************************************************************ In order to better appreciate the use and cost of electricity in buildings, we ask you to create an electricity utility bill . Create an electricity bill for a summer (30 day) month for a 10,000 square foot office for 1) lighting, 2) air conditioning, 3) computer, and 4) refrigerator end-use loads. Use your Stein & Reynolds text as a guide, pages 880 (14.23) – 883 (14.24). Create 24-hour profiles for weekdays and weekends/holidays (see page 881, Stein & Reynolds). Recall also the profile shown for a CA office building, in the daylighting and power distribution lectures. Based on the profiles, determine the daily energy consumption for a weekday vs a weekend/holiday; you may use the following as a guide, or other sources.
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Unformatted text preview: Lighting: 10,000 W (for the hours of your workday) Cooling: 10,000 W (for the hours of your workday) Computer: 10,000 W (for the hours in use); 2000 W when ‘sleeping’ Refrigerator 500 W (continuous) Next, multiply the number of Watts by the number of use-hours to determine kWh, kilowatt-hours, for weekday and weekend days. Then multiply to find the total kWh by weekday vs. weekend/holiday. Then, apply the appropriate charges, A, B, or C, by end-use hours and generate a total for the month. Show your breakdown for each kWh total and charges in a spreadsheet format. Charge A: 00:00-07:00 0.08 cents/kWh Charge B: 07:00-12:00 0.12 cents/kWh Charge C: 13:00-16:00 0.20 cents/kWh Charge D: 16:00-19:00 0.12 cents/kWh Charge E: 19:00-24:00 0.08 cents/kWh Finally, briefly state what means or strategies could be introduced to reduce these charges....
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