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ARC 4620 Environmental Technology 2 Lab Session: Lighting Oct. 7, 2003 SOLAR PATH & SOLAR SHADING DIAGRAM In-class Exercise Name: Consider locations for your design project where you would like to provide solar shading by time of day and year. 1. First, for your current design site, estimate the difference (in minutes of time) between local solar and social time (with and without Daylight Savings Time). Note that for a given location, the solar azimuth ‘travels’ from east to west at the rate of 15 degrees/hour. (Gainesville; Latitude: 29.7 degrees North, Longitude: -82.3 degrees W
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Unformatted text preview: of Greenwich Mean Time) 2. For a tree or building location, compute the solar altitude and azimuth for the opening and closing times for your facility, for winter and summer extremes, with and without Daylight Savings Time. For closing times after dark, calculate sunset time. 3. For a bench shelter facing south, what is the dimension of the overhang in order to prevent direct sun on a face at a seated eye height of 44”? At midsummer? At midwinter? At the spring and autumnal equinoxes?...
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