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M.E. RINKER, SR. SCHOOL OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION University of Florida BCN 4770 HOUSING TRANSACTIONS FOR HOMEBUILDERS Syllabus and Course Outline Fall, 2005 Kent Malone Office: Room 328 Phone: 727-433-0229 Email: Class Meets: M and W 6 th and 7 th Periods Room: 238 Office Hours: TBA Prerequisites: Senior standing or permission of instructor Description : An introduction to ownership rights in real property and limitations on those rights, the transfer of rights, the process of selling a property including contracts and closing, mortgages and making financing decisions, and valuation of property. The emphasis is providing the homebuilder with a working knowledge of the processes of evaluation, acquisition, sale, and leasing of real property. Required Texts: Gaines, Coleman and Crawford. (2005). Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices and Law (27th. or 28 th Ed.). Real Estate Education Company. David C. Ling and Wayne R. Archer. (2005). Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach*. McGraw-Hill Irwin. (*Soft-back, custom published version, 7 chapters in all). It may also be titled “Housing Transactions For Homebuilders” by the book store to distinguish it from the complete, hard-back version. Calculator Requirement: Students will be required to use a financial calculator. I highly recommend the HP10BII since functions pertaining to this model will be covered in the lectures and course materials. Course Requirements: Grades will be based on five exams*, all weighted equally to comprise 50 percent of the final grade. (Each exam equals 10 percent of the grade.) The final exam is cumulative and will follow the format of the real estate sales associate’s exam. Ten percent of the grade will be based on unannounced quizzes. (There will be 12 quizzes*, one may be dropped, no make-ups.) The final forty percent of the grade will be based on four projects/papers* that will be completed individually and will provide an application of skills obtained during the semester. More details on the projects will be provided later. Class attendance and participation is necessary to satisfactorily complete this course. Questions on exams will be based on information presented in 1
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class that may not be contained in the textbook or course web site. The reading schedule
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