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Sample Lab Report 3 - Actual destructive average...

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Sample Lab Report –Concrete Lab 1. Title Page – Cover sheet Including date, group member names, and group number 2. Objective 3. Problem sheet: Mix design problem 4. Data ASTM test name and number for: Making and curing concrete test specimens in the laboratory Slump Test Unit Weight and Yield Test Compressive Strength Test 5. Results - Part 1. Excel spreadsheet with data and recipe Design Slump Actual slump Design Air – air-entrained concrete only Actual Air – use design value if not performed Actual Unit Weight and Yield Part 2. Design compressive strength @ 28 days
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Unformatted text preview: Actual destructive average compressive strength @ 7 days Predicted compressive strength at 28 days Type of fracture for concrete samples A and B. 5. Conclusion • Reasons for obtaining a different slump, air content (if applicable) and compressive strength and what you would do to correct it if you got to make another batch. • Comment on whether or not the concrete you batched would have been appropriate for your type of application, and what type of placement methods would have to be employed for such a material into the appropriate formwork....
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