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fractional replication4 - The treannettt enmhltttttitttte...

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Unformatted text preview: The treannettt enmhltttttitttte in the 2“ dfiliflll. yield three degreee of free-dent that we may use he estimate the main efl'eete. Referring ttt Tab-1e 1H, we mete that the linear eemhintttlmte et‘ the eheenratiune used In eettmttte the main effects DEA. B. and E are lfi-Ha-h-e+tthe} EB-H-a+b-e+abe] Ec-Hf-l'h-I-E‘Flhfl] It In flee ettey ID WI‘IflI‘ that the linear eemhinttttette ut' the nheenrtttittne need it} estimate the matter iittemetiuns are In: - fife-h-e + aha} EAE- “(-I+b-E+Ibc} I!” - HIGH-1t + t:+ alte] 'l'lttte, EA = I“. In - EM, and In - I“. and mneequettfly it is impueelhie tn dtfferentlatebettveenfiandfic. Ettndtfltfi. and E ttttdtltfl. Infamweeen thew that when we minute A. E and t: we are really eetlmeting A + BC. I! + AC. ttttd C 1- AB. “Two ur mere effect: that have thle prep-arty are called aliases. In nut extentple. tit and EC are ttiieees, B and At: an aliases, and C nfldtltEttre aliases. Weindlealethiabythenmatlunlfl—A + EC, tin-IE + mend tE-t‘: + an. ...
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