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lab1 - Include a brief narrative showing what was done and...

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EIN4905/ESI6912 Design of Experiments for Engineers Lab #1 Assignment due on Thursday, 2/13/00. One write-up per team. You and your lab team members are going to learn something new about a process of your choice. For this lab, you should select an experimental subject with 4 to 5 factors, with 2 levels each. Following the procedure on pages 13-17 of your test, you will define the problem, select factors, etc. If possible, try to do 2 replicates. Some hints on working with qualitative response variables can be found at the course website under “Frequently Asked Questions”. In the lab write-up: 1. Come up with an appropriate problem statement and describe your variables, the response, and test procedure and protocols. 2. Show all Minitab printouts of your analysis and results.
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Unformatted text preview: Include a brief narrative showing what was done and what are the implications of the analysis. Be sure to do the residual analysis, and notate those results too (e.g., “the normal probability plot for the residuals indicates no deviation from the normality assumption”. ..) 3. Don’t forget to follow the procedure (pp. 13-17), and use this as a guide to writing up this lab. The reader should be able to follow your thought processes and see what you determined to be the best results. In your write-up, provide nice clear graphics, supplemented by text, to help guide the reader through your decision making process. They should end with a clear idea of what your team did, and why/how you decided the results. Good luck!...
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