ch 11 urogenital system slide guide

ch 11 urogenital system slide guide - C h 1 1 : M a m m a...

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Ch 11: Mammalian Urogenital System Slide Guide This photographic atlas has been created to help guide you through the interpretation of the histological slides that accompany the urogenital system lab in Functional Vertebrate Anatomy. The reading and the histological images have been adapted from A Photographic Atlas of Histology by Michael J. Leboffe 2003. Slide 1-Mammalian testis Fig 17-1 -tunica albuginea -seminiferous tubule Slide 2-Mammalian ovary Figs 17-11a-b, 17-12 a-f -germinal epithelium -follicle -cortex -medulla
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CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - R E PR ODUCTIVE SYSTEMS replaced with elastic connective tissue as an adaptation to the stretching necessary during childbirth. Lymphocytes may be seen in this layer near the surface. Vagina The vagina (Figure 17-21) is the female copulatory organ and serves as the birth canal. It is about 9 cm long and is lined with a mucosa composed of nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium and a dense, elastic lamina propria. The mucosa folds when relaxed and the lumen is closed. There are no vaginal glands; cervical mucus is primarily re- sponsible for its lubrication. Deep to the mucosa is a mus- cularis composed of an inner circular and an outer longitudinal layer of smooth muscle, though they are not well-defined and the fibers mix. Deep to the muscularis is a fibrous adventitia, which blends in with the adventitial layers of the urinary bladder and rectum. mixing of maternal and fetal blood-no blood cells cross tJ placental barrier (see next column). The placenta is attached to the endometrium by a stru
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ch 11 urogenital system slide guide - C h 1 1 : M a m m a...

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