Lab Policy - Lab Policy Students are required to know all...

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Lab Policy Students are required to know all the material and all associated diagrams (and terms) both presented and referred to within this Laboratory Manual. Students are expected to read the required chapters before coming to lab in preparation for both dissections and lecture. The laboratory instructor will outline what material the student will be tested on, though it will be assumed by the instructor that all material contained within this laboratory manual is free game for the exams. Refer to Liem et al., 2001. (Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates. Harcourt Press) and Walker and Liem, 1994 (Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates, Harcourt Press) for further discussion of the material. Lab Etiquette Your grade will be reduced singly or collectively if these rules are not followed. 1. Put away all materials and clean the study area before leaving the lab. Tag your specimens inside and outside the bag. "Chunky bits" go into the organic waste container and paper towels go into the wastebasket. Wash tools in the sinks, scrub trays with Alconox in the floor unit sinks only , and scrub tables with 409 or Fantastic. DO NOT WASH DISSECTION TRAYS IN THE TABLE SINKS!!! 2. Lab specimens and displays must continue their roles after you are gone. Handle them carefully. DO NOT MARK BONES, SPECIMENS, OR MODELS WITH INK OR PENCIL!!! Any marks found on a specimen will result in lost points either as an individual or as a lab. Additionally, any damage that is irreversible will be charged to the students. 3. Label all books, notebooks, and tools with your name and lab day. These items (esp. books and notes) tend to get lost or disappear in lab, especially during review labs. Instructors are not responsible for items left in the lab. 4. Turn off ringers of all cell phones and beepers while in lab, and do not use phones while your instructor is lecturing. 5. While studying specimens or taking notes during the introductory lecture, you will find it necessary to make anatomical drawings. Colored pencils are highly recommended for this purpose. 6. There are additional lab texts for use in the laboratory. These are to remain in the lab at
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Lab Policy - Lab Policy Students are required to know all...

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