(A) Introduction to Architectural History

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SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE ARC 1701 Architectural History for Non-Majors Summer Term  (A) Introduction to Architectural History (01) Course Introduction: class handout - Gordon Rule Sect. 4119 & Non-Gordon Rule Sect. 4120 - Two 3,000 word papers - Grading: 2 tests with 50 questions at 1 point each - Text: Buildings Across Time also published as World History of Architecture …either book is acceptable for the course. - Goals: help students understand the built environment around them (02) Conventions, Terminology, Technology and Images - B.C. & A.D. vs. BCE & CE “c” = circa or approximately - Dates can vary: new archaeology, scholarship and varied sources (03) Limitations of Studying the Surviving Architectural Record - Misreading history: misconceptions, errors & incomplete data - Bias of cultural perceptions shapes interpretation
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Unformatted text preview: - Taxonomies (18th & 19th c.) real classifications complex- Images can be misleading and are not always accurate (04) What is Architecture?- Shelter vs. Place of ritual and meaning- Vitruvius (c. 40 BCE): "firmness, commodity & delight"- Inspiration from precedents: we learn from the past (05) Structure: historically trial & error = response to material behavior- Forces: compression & tension & bending- Loads: dead loads, live loads, side or lateral loads- Post & Lintel or Column & Beam (trabeated systems)- Cantilever- Corbel and Arch and Vault and Dome- Bearing Wall: How to make a hole??? = arch or lintel- Truss Systems: use of triangle for stability- Tensile (tents, suspension bridges, cable structures) (06) Drawings: plan, section, elevation, axonometric & perspective...
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